Refrigerator/Freezer Issues

  1. Freezer back wall is freezing up – Check that you do not have items blocking the vents against the back wall of the freezer and preventing the cold air from circulating. Look at your door seals and make sure that they are intact; leaking cold air will cause your freezer to run more than it needs to and freeze up. Make sure nothing is impeding the door seal from smoothly touching the mating surface.
  2. Freezer not cold enough –  See above and check that the freezer setting is set high enough.  If the coldest setting is not enough, it’s time to call us.
  3. Not making ice – Check to see that the ice maker is set to “ON”.  In many machines, this is a metal bar that hangs down into the ice bucket.  Check the water supply is working and turned on; these are often under the sink is where the sink valves are located.  If your machine has a water filter and it hasn’t been replaced in the last six months, replace it and see if the problem persists.
  4. Fresh Food section not cold enough – Check to see that the cooling vents are clear from obstruction as in number 1 and the settings are correct as in number 2.
  5. Something else – Call us! Answering questions and fixing things is what we do.