Clothes Dryer Issues

  1. Clothes aren’t getting dry

  • Check the control settings to ensure that the desired amount of heat and time are selected.  Often, children or others will change the controls.
  • Is the lint filter clean?  Not only does a clean lint filter help your dryer’s performance, it helps keep your house from burning down.  Fire is difficult to remove from clothing.
  • Is the exhaust “Flex Tube” all kinked up? Straighten it; The less bends in the tube, the better.
  • Is the exhaust tube clogged? This is a bit trickier.  If the clog is in the flex tube or in a visible part of wall connection, you can remove it or get a new flex tube.  If the clog is in the attic or the roof vent you may need some additional tools.  Or you could give us a call; we would love to fix it for you.

Something else –  Call us! Answering questions and fixing things is what we do.